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Why Credit Unions are Better than Payday Lenders

Credit unions and payday lenders offer similar services, but their approach to lending is vastly different. Credit unions are not-for-profit financial cooperatives that are owned and operated by their members. In contrast, payday lenders are for-profit businesses that charge exorbitant fees and interest rates for short-term loans.

Here are several reasons why credit unions are a better alternative to payday lenders:

As not-for-profit organisations, credit unions they can offer loans at lower interest rates. According to the National Credit Union Administration, the average interest rate for a personal loan from a credit union is 9.37%, compared to the 400% or more charged by payday lenders.

Payday lenders often charge hidden fees that can quickly add up, such as processing fees, origination fees and prepayment penalties. Credit unions are transparent about their fees and don’t charge unnecessary expenses.

Credit unions prioritise the financial well-being of their members, not profits. They take the time to get to know their members and offer personalised financial advice and support. Payday lenders, on the other hand, prioritise profits over their customers’ financial well-being.

Credit unions are community-oriented organisations that reinvest their profits back into the communities in which they operate. They offer financial education programs, support local businesses and give back to their members, in the form of dividends.

Credit unions offer a wide range of loan options, whereas payday lenders only offer short-term loans with high-interest rates and no long-term solutions.

In conclusion, credit unions are a better alternative to payday lenders. They offer lower interest rates, no hidden fees, personalised service, community-oriented programs and a wider range of better loan options. 

Leeds Credit Union – your community credit union

If you’re in need of access to a range of savings accounts or an affordable loan, joining a credit union is a much smarter option than turning to a payday lender.

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