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The Benefits of Credit Unions

As most of us know, stress is a common experience for many people. Luckily, when it comes to financial stress, credit unions can help alleviate some of the most common worries. As a result, we’re taking a look at why becoming a member of Leeds Credit Union (LCU) could help you manage your stress.

Lower interest rates

One of the biggest sources of financial stress is debt, particularly high-interest debt. Because credit unions typically offer lower interest rates on loans than traditional banks and high-cost credit providers, many people find using them enables them to save money more easily, reducing their stress levels by making it easier to pay off debt.

Personalised service

Credit unions are member-owned, meaning they prioritise the needs of their members over the profits of shareholders. This allows them to offer a much more personalised service, with credit union staff more likely to work with you to find solutions to your financial challenges. This, in turn, helps reduce the stress of dealing with financial issues alone.

Money help

Many credit unions enable their members to better understand their money, helping them learn about budgeting, saving and other important financial issues. By increasing your financial literacy, you may feel more confident and less stressed about managing your money.

Community focus

Credit unions are often focused on serving their local communities. This helps create a sense of belonging and connection among members and in areas in which the credit unions operate, helping reduce stress.

Accessible services

Credit unions often offer more accessible financial services than traditional banks. For example, they may offer lower minimum balance requirements, lower (or no) fees or more flexible loan requirements. These benefits can help reduce stress by making it easier to access the financial services you need.

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How Leeds Credit Union can help reduce financial stress

If you are concerned about financial stress – whether it’s Stress Awareness Month or not – our range of loans and savings accounts could help. For more information and to find out how to join our credit union, click here.