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Talk Money Week in Leeds 6 10 November 2023.

Every year in the UK, there’s a special week called Talk Money Week. It’s all about making it easy for people to talk about money. Talking about money can be hard, but during this week, everyone is encouraged to have open conversations about their finances.

Talk Money Week happens in November, and lots of different groups and schools join in. They organize events and workshops to help people learn about things like saving, budgeting, and understanding credit (which is like how you borrow money).

The goal of Talk Money Week is to make talking about money normal and not something to be shy about. Many people feel awkward discussing money, but it’s important because it helps us make good choices. By talking openly, we can learn how to save money, plan for the future, and deal with debts.

When we talk about money, we can make better decisions, and that’s what Talk Money Week is all about. It helps everyone, from families to individuals, be smarter about their finances and be ready for whatever comes their way.

To find out what’s happening in Leeds during Talk Money Week and other local organisations that can help you with your finances, visit…

Better Leeds Communities: a charity that aims to improve employability, support families and reduce child poverty in Leeds. https://betterleeds.org.uk/

Citizens Advice Leeds: https://citizensadviceleeds.org.uk/

Money Buddies: provides face to face, online and telephone help and advice on financial wellbeing, debt, budgeting and benefits. https://moneybuddies.org.uk/

St Vincents Leeds: provide help to people who are struggling financially, without employment, education and community support in Leeds. https://svp.org.uk/stvincentsleeds