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Tag Archive: Wellbeing

  1. Improve Your Financial Outlook for 2023 With Our New App

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    Improve Your Financial Outlook for 2023 With Our New App

    For a variety of reasons, 2022 was an expensive year and Christmas time was among the year’s most expensive periods. Consequently, many people are using the dawning of the new year as the ideal opportunity to try and improve their financial situation 

    If you’re a Leeds Credit Union member that falls into that category then we’ve got good news – the all-new Leeds Credit Union app is now available ABSOLUTELY FREE and it’s packed with a wide range of handy tools to enable you to take back control of your finances and start forming positive financial habits.

    One of the app’s best features is its ability to help users keep on top of debt by providing them with instant access to their financial information, enabling them to instantly see and view all their account information and by providing them with access to our regular blogs, which are full of money saving hints, tips and advice.

    A variety of great features

    And with the average UK adult having almost £4,000 of unsecured debt and the average UK household having more than £65,000 of total debt, it’s clear that debt management will play an important role in helping people become more financially resilient in 2023.

    The app also allows you to:

    • Use loan calculators to see what loans and rates are available.
    • Apply for loans.
    • Manage your money securely with cutting-edge, built-in security features.
    • Update your details remotely.
    • Access your statements, and
    • Keep up to date with the latest Leeds Credit Union news.

    To download our app and for more information, click here:

    Download our App