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  1. Gift Ideas for Father’s Day 2023

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    Gift Ideas for Father’s Day 2023

    Sunday June 18th is Father’s Day, a day to celebrate your dear old dad and thank him for all the hours he spent raising you, helping you, teaching you and of course playing taxi for you for many years.

    Most dads claim they don’t want anyone to go to any bother when it comes to getting them something for their birthday or Christmas but don’t be fooled, dads love a present as much as everybody else. This Father’s Day, why not get him something he’ll love with the help of our handy gift guide?

    £20 and under

    Beard Buddy Shaving Apron

    If your dad is the sort who leaves his beard blocking the plug hole every time he shaves, this is a present the whole family can enjoy!

    A convenient apron that attaches to the mirror to stop rogue hairs ending up all over the place during a shave, the Beard Buddy is washable, adjustable and comes with a storage bag.

    Dad Joke Book

    The only thing dads love more than a good joke is a good dad joke, i.e. the sort of joke that’s so unoriginal and/or unfunny that it actually is somehow kind of funny. 

    If your dad could do with adding a few new weapons to his gag arsenal, this bestselling dad joke book should be right up his street.

    Dumbbell Beer Glass

    Does your dad enjoy a beer? Does he wish he had more free time so he could do more exercise? If the answer to these questions is ‘yes’ (even though you suspect that if he did have more spare time, he’d just use it to take more naps) then this dumbbell beer glass is the gift you’ve been looking for!

    Made of high-quality glass, this not-so-little beauty will hold just over a pint of your old man’s favourite tipple and every time he does a rep with it, he can reward himself by taking a swig. Talk about a win-win!

    £20 – £50

    Fumebar air freshener

    OK, an air freshener isn’t the first thing that sprang to our minds when we started thinking about gifts for dads but hear us out – this smart bit of kit might just revolutionise the dad-car industry.

    A slim, slate grey diffuser that attaches discreetly to any of his car’s air vents, the Fumebar is a refillable cylinder that pumps out one of two dad-friendly scents to make his car smell nice and/or mask the whiff of his old trainers.

    Portable Record Player

    Although some dads have grown up consuming their music digitally, most still remember – and secretly yearn for – the good old days when you had to go to a shop and buy a CD or a record if you wanted to hear your favourite band’s new album.

    If your dad fits into that category, this retro-looking record player is an inexpensive way to transport him back to those simpler times. Featuring built-in speakers, a suitcase design and a carry handle, your old man will be up in the loft digging out his old Rolling Stones vinyl in no time. If he tries to make you listen to Jethro Tull though, get the fuck outta there.

    Laphroaig Single Malt Scotch Whisky

    A delicious, refined whisky that almost any dad would be happy to sip from start to finish (although hopefully not in one sitting…), this particular offering from Laphroaig won gold at the San Francisco World Spirits Awards as recently as 2019.

    With notes of oak, peat and sweetness, it’s the perfect drink to enjoy with family and friends after dinner, either on its own or with your dad’s favourite mixer.


    Ooni Pizza Oven

    Dads love pizzas, gadgets and cooking outdoors, so this tidy little pizza oven might be the pinnacle of Father’s Day presents.

    A portable, wood-fired pizza oven that reaches 500°C in under 20 minutes and cooks pizzas to smoky perfection in as little as 60 seconds, Oonis also come with a three-year guarantee and the option of a whole host of accessories. If you ask us, all dads ought to come with one of these as standard.

    Best of British Car Driving Experience

    Not just one car but THREE!

    That’s right, if your dad fancies himself as his generation’s Lewis Hamilton, he’ll be in his element taking each of three iconic British cars out for a three mile drive. With six cars to choose between – including an Aston Martin DB5 and an E-Type Jaguar – and an instructor by his side to stop him getting too carried away, this is an experience your dad will never forget.

    The Butcher’s Breakfast Box

    Fortnum & Mason is renowned for its incredibly good food so you can guarantee your dad will love this box full of breakfast brilliance.

    Bursting with specially selected bacon, sausages, eggs, salted butter, sourdough bread, tomato sauce, tea and coffee, the only downside is that every other cooked breakfast he’ll ever have will be pale in comparison.

    Need a helping hand for Father’s Day 2023?

    At Leeds Credit Union, we can help you get your finances in order with one of our tailored loans, whether you need £250 or £25,000. Apply for yours here.

  2. Budget-Friendly Tips for Enjoying a Summer Holiday in 2023

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    Embrace the Sun: Budget-Friendly Tips for Enjoying a Summer Holiday

    The summer season calls for relaxation, exploration, and unforgettable memories. However, planning a summer holiday can sometimes be daunting, especially when trying to stay within a budget. But fear not! With a bit of careful financial planning, you can embark on a memorable summer holiday without breaking the bank. 

    In this blog post, we’ll guide you through some budget-friendly tips for enjoying a summer holiday while highlighting how Leeds Credit Union can help you spread the cost with our affordable loan options.

    Set a realistic budget:

    Begin your holiday planning by establishing a realistic budget. Determine the amount you can comfortably afford to spend on your vacation. Consider your income, savings, and any additional funds you can allocate.

    Choose affordable destinations:

    There are plenty of fantastic holiday destinations that offer exciting experiences without draining your wallet. Research destinations known for their affordability, such as hidden gems, off-peak locations, or budget-friendly countries. Opt for destinations with low-cost accommodation options, affordable local transportation, and reasonably priced attractions. By choosing wisely, you can enjoy a memorable holiday without sacrificing your budget.

    Flexibility in travel dates:

    Being flexible with your travel dates can result in significant savings. Consider travelling during weekdays or outside peak seasons when airfares and accommodations tend to be more affordable. Utilise travel comparison websites to find the best deals and be open to adjusting your plans slightly to secure cost-effective options.

    Embrace alternative accommodation:

    Hotels aren’t the only option for your summer holiday accommodation. Embrace alternative options such as hostels, vacation rentals, or camping sites. These choices can often provide a unique experience and save you money.

    Plan and prepare meals:

    Eating out every day can quickly eat into your holiday budget. Instead, plan and prepare some of your meals. Visit local markets or grocery stores to stock up on fresh produce and ingredients. This way, you can enjoy picnics, cook your favourite dishes, and experience the local cuisine without constantly dining at restaurants.

    Take advantage of free activities:

    Many destinations offer an array of free or low-cost activities and attractions. Research and discover parks, museums, walking tours, or festivals that won’t put a dent in your wallet. These activities can provide a rich cultural experience while keeping your budget intact.

    A holiday loan:

    Leeds Credit Union offers low-interest holiday loans designed to help you spread the cost of your summer holiday. With our flexible repayment plans and competitive interest rates, you can easily manage your finances while enjoying your well-deserved vacation. Whether you need assistance with flights, accommodation, or other holiday expenses, a holiday loan could provide the financial support you require.

    So go ahead, plan your budget-friendly summer adventure, and let Leeds Credit Union help make it a reality.

  3. The Benefits of Cycling For National Bike Week 2023

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    The Benefits of Cycling For National Bike Week 2023

    Taking place from June 5th – 11th, National Bike Week is a week-long event designed to encourage more people to cycle more often.

    Although the health benefits of cycling are well known, there are other benefits too, so grab your helmets and put on your reflective gear as we take a closer look at why more people should take part in National Bike Week.

    Cycling is great exercise

    It’s impossible to overstate how good cycling is for improving your general health. Regular physical activity of any kind has been shown to help reduce the risk of obesity, heart disease, mental illness, diabetes and arthritis, but cycling is among the easiest ways to exercise as it can be included into most people’s daily routines – such as by cycling to work or to the shops.

    Cycling also uses all the major muscle groups, giving you and your kids an excellent all-over workout and increasing stamina and strength. Because it is an aerobic activity, cycling also provides your heart, lungs and blood vessels with an important workout while simultaneously improving mobility, posture and coordination, burning fat, strengthening bones and decreasing stress and anxiety levels. 

    Because cycling is a low-impact exercise – meaning it doesn’t put any strain or weight on your muscles or joints – it can be enjoyed by people of all ages and only requires as little as two hours per week to improve your health. It can also be done at any level of intensity, making it as suitable for children just learning to ride as it is for teenagers who want to go as fast as possible. 

    Cycling could save you money

    So long as you have access to a bicycle, another benefit of cycling to school is it’s absolutely free! 

    For many families, the cost of driving their children to school, or paying for public transport, is extremely expensive and, at a time when many households are facing financial hardship, reducing costs wherever possible is vital. Swap driving to school for cycling and you’ll be quids-in in no time.

    Cycling is good for the environment

    A recent study led by the University of Oxford’s Transport Studies Unit found that switching from driving to cycling once a day enabled people to reduce their carbon footprints by approximately 0.5 tonnes per year – a significant amount. 

    Although global efforts to tackle climate change are at an all-time high, it’s more important than ever to do what you can to help the cause. The good news is you can make a difference by simply getting on your bike.

    Cycling’s fun!

    Another great reason to cycle more often is because it’s fun! Getting outdoors, coasting down hills and taking the time to appreciate the natural world are things we could all do more of and cycling allows you to do all three at once.

    If you’re planning on accompanying your children on a ride, you could make it even more fun by having a race and noting your times to see if you can beat them the following day.

    Need a financial stabiliser?

    At Leeds Credit Union, we offer loans from £250 to £2,000 which could go towards the cost of buying a bike for you or someone in your family. Click here for more information.

  4. Why Now is the Perfect Time for a Little DIY

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    Why Now is the Perfect Time for a Little DIY

    With spring cleaning and DIY going hand-in-hand, now is a great opportunity to tackle some home improvements. However, it can be hard to know where to begin, especially if you are trying to stick to a budget.

    Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to cut costs when giving your home a makeover and we’ve rounded up a few of the best. Here are our DIY tips for spring and summer 2023.

    Erect new shelves

    Sounds simple but putting up a new shelf adds depth to a room and enables you to display anything you want on it, with photos, prints and seasonal decorations all inexpensive and easy to switch whenever you fancy a change.

    There are no end of shelving options available in hardware stores and online these days, with something for every budget. If you have any leftover pieces of wood from previous DIY projects, you could even have a go at making your own shelf to keep costs down further still!

    Create a feature wall

    By painting one wall in a room a different colour to the others, you’ll bring it to life, drawing attention to your feature wall and giving the whole room a vibrant refresh.

    All you need to do is decide what colour you want your feature wall to be, then get painting! You might not even need to buy new paint – if you’ve amassed a collection of paint sample pots over the years, you could go bold and colour block your wall by using two or three different colours that work together. 

    If you’re not sure which colours work well together, look at a colour wheel and either choose colours that are close together – like orange, red and pink – or that are directly across from each other – like blue and yellow – for contrast. 

    Upcycle your kitchen cabinets

    As the heart of the home, everyone wants their kitchen to look its best. A simple way of giving it a quick face lift is to paint your cabinets and change their handles. 

    Immediately improve dated, gloss-finish cabinets by first painting over them with primer, then painting them any colour you choose. By then adding brass handles, you’ll instantly transform your kitchen, giving it a high-end and trend-proof look at an affordable price.

    Regrout your bathroom tiles

    For the ultimate in budget renovations, nothing beats regrouting, so turn your attention to any cracked or discoloured bits of grout today!

    Ideally, you should remove at least 3mm of the old grout – using a grout rake which can be picked up inexpensively from any hardware store – before regrouting, but if you’re really pushed for time, new grout can be applied on top of old grout.

    In the time it takes the grout to dry, you’ll bring a bright outline to your tiles, highlighting their colour and instantly making the bathroom a more vibrant place to be.

    Give old garden furniture a new lease of life

    With summer just around the corner, many of us are looking forward to spending some time in our gardens. If you fall into that category, you’ll want to check your garden furniture to make sure it still looks its best after six months in the shed!

    Again, a simple lick of paint is all that’s required to get your tired garden furniture ready for summer. And because most sets aren’t especially big, you might have enough paint lying around your garage or shed to paint everything you need to without buying any new tins. You could even ask a neighbour if they have any pots of leftover paint you could take off their hands.

    How Leeds Credit Union can help

    Although the aim of this advice is to help homeowners keep costs down, we know that sometimes you might need to undertake a bigger project – or several little ones all at the same time – that makes sticking to a budget impossible.

    If you need a helping hand affording some home improvements this summer, we offer loans from as little as £250, all the way up to £25,000, and you can find out more about them here.

  5. Case Study – Helping Reduce Financial Stress

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    Case Study – Helping Reduce Financial Stress

    Although April is nationally recognised as Stress Awareness Month, financial stress is an issue that can affect anybody at any time. With that in mind, we were very pleased to receive some feedback from a member who we recently helped reduce their financial stress.

    They emailed us to say:

    “Since receiving my first loan from Leeds Credit Union, I have managed to get my finances into a much better position.

    “I’ve since been accepted for a second loan and am making additional payments to pay it off as fast as I can. I am also depositing small amounts of money into my savings account so that I have something set aside for a rainy day.

    “I am very grateful to everybody that works for LCU. The impact of their products and services has enabled me to become much more financially stress free so I just wanted to say a big ‘thank you’ to the staff there!”

    There’s nothing we like better than helping our members, which is why we make sure they have easy access to our range of affordable loans, all of which are tailored to suit their individual circumstances.

    With our employees also on hand to offer help and assistance, we’re proud to be helping our local community cope with the ongoing cost of living crisis and the financial stress that has come with it.

    To find out more about our loans, savings accounts and other services, click here.

  6. Why Credit Unions are Better than Payday Lenders

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    Why Credit Unions are Better than Payday Lenders

    Credit unions and payday lenders offer similar services, but their approach to lending is vastly different. Credit unions are not-for-profit financial cooperatives that are owned and operated by their members. In contrast, payday lenders are for-profit businesses that charge exorbitant fees and interest rates for short-term loans.

    Here are several reasons why credit unions are a better alternative to payday lenders:

    • Lower Interest Rates

    As not-for-profit organisations, credit unions they can offer loans at lower interest rates. According to the National Credit Union Administration, the average interest rate for a personal loan from a credit union is 9.37%, compared to the 400% or more charged by payday lenders.

    • No Hidden Fees

    Payday lenders often charge hidden fees that can quickly add up, such as processing fees, origination fees and prepayment penalties. Credit unions are transparent about their fees and don’t charge unnecessary expenses.

    • Personalised Service

    Credit unions prioritise the financial well-being of their members, not profits. They take the time to get to know their members and offer personalised financial advice and support. Payday lenders, on the other hand, prioritise profits over their customers’ financial well-being.

    • Community-Oriented

    Credit unions are community-oriented organisations that reinvest their profits back into the communities in which they operate. They offer financial education programs, support local businesses and give back to their members, in the form of dividends.

    • Better Loan Options

    Credit unions offer a wide range of loan options, whereas payday lenders only offer short-term loans with high-interest rates and no long-term solutions.

    In conclusion, credit unions are a better alternative to payday lenders. They offer lower interest rates, no hidden fees, personalised service, community-oriented programs and a wider range of better loan options. 

    Leeds Credit Union – your community credit union

    If you’re in need of access to a range of savings accounts or an affordable loan, joining a credit union is a much smarter option than turning to a payday lender.

    To find out more about the products and services we provide, or to become our newest member, click here.

  7. Debt Advice: How You Can Get Support

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    Debt Advice: How You Can Get Support

    As the cost of living crisis continues to increase the financial pressure facing many households in the UK, it’s never been more important to keep a close eye on your money so that you can recognise quickly if you have debt issues. If you do, it’s also important to know where to turn for help, advice and debt support. 

    So how can you tell if you’re at risk of getting into debt and what can you do about it? Read on to find out.

    How to recognise you have debt issues

    Anyone can be affected by debt, which can creep up suddenly and turn a manageable financial situation into an out of control problem that can result in sleepless nights and feelings of embarrassment and shame.

    Luckily, it is possible to spot the signs of impending financial difficulties and stop them before they become a serious issue. Read the following statements and see if any apply to you. If they do, this may be an indication that you have debt issues and should seek help and advice to help you manage them.

    • I can’t put a figure on how much I owe
    • I rely on credit to cover my living costs
    • The amount I owe is rising
    • I’ve been contacted by a debt collection agency
    • I’m making minimum payments    
    • There are arguments in my house about money
    • I sometimes hide purchases from my partner
    • My credit cards are near the limit
    • I have no savings left
    • I skip paying bills some months or pay them late
    • I’ve started to use payday loans
    • My debt worries interfere with my job and/or home life
    • I can’t sleep because I’m worry about my finances
    • I haven’t got any emergency savings
    • I don’t open my bills when they arrive

    How and where to get debt advice and support

    If you think you would benefit from help and advice, there are several organisations that can help.

    Citizens Advice has lots of information on its website, with advice on everything from dealing with urgent debts and/or arrears to reducing your outgoings. Click here to find out more.

    MoneySavingExpert also has a wealth of information re debt problems and the help that is available on its website.

    Closer to home, our Money and Budgeting Service (MABS) works in partnership with Housing Leeds to help tenants who are struggling to budget their money and pay their bills. We can help you arrange affordable payment plans to cover your arrears and look at switching providers if cheaper alternatives are available. To get in touch, click here.

    Take back control of your money with an LCU debt consolidation loan

    A cursory glance at almost any British news outlet will give you an indication of the financial difficulties people in the UK currently face, with debt a common issue in many households. While this is naturally a cause for concern, it’s important to remember that financial help from reputable lenders is available to anyone who needs it.

    At Leeds Credit Union, we don’t charge any set-up fees for our debt consolidation loans, nor do we charge any penalties for early loan repayments. 

    Debt consolidation loans are loans that an individual takes out to pay off their existing debts. The individual uses the money from the debt consolidation loan to pay off the people or companies to whom they are in debt, then repays the loan in monthly instalments.

    Debt consolidation loans can be used to pay off different types of debt, such as credit cards, overdrafts, store cards or personal loans.

    Taking out a debt consolidation loan is an effective way of taking back control of your finances as it allows you to immediately pay off all your debts and leaves you responsible for just one repayment each month. 

    When you have several lenders to repay each month, it can be easy to forget to make a payment, especially if the repayments are for different amounts and due on different dates. Needless to say, this makes budgeting and general money management much more difficult.

    Because bigger loans often come with lower interest rates, debt consolidation loans can also lower your monthly repayment amount, reducing your outgoings. The repayments can also be spread over a period of time that is more suitable for you, which could potentially lower your monthly repayments too.

    For more information or to apply for a loan, click here.

  8. Why You Should Join A Credit Union

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    Why You Should Join A Credit Union

    As the cost of living crisis continues, people are increasingly looking for ways to improve their financial wellbeing, with credit unions proving a popular alternative to high street banks and other financial institutions among people struggling to make ends meet.

    Indeed, the Bank of England’s Credit Union Quarterly Statistics estimate there were approximately 250 credit unions in England, Scotland and Wales with more than 1.4 million members at the end of June 2022.

    So if you’ve been wondering “should I join a credit union?”, why not come with us as we take a look at the main advantages on offer and why so many people find them so valuable.

    They put people before profit

    When you open an account with a credit union, you become one of its members. 

    Whereas banks are for-profit businesses with shareholders to answer to, credit unions are not-for-profit businesses that are only responsible for their members’ financial wellbeing. This means they can focus on creating the best possible customer service experience for their members, instead of trying to generate profits at every opportunity, and it is this ‘customer-friendly’ approach which many people love about their credit union.

    Credit unions are also often more willing than banks to help you if you have a low credit score or are temporarily out of work. At Leeds Credit Union, our credit scoring system is not the same as other banks or building societies, so we may be more likely to accept a person’s application even if they have no credit history.

    They work with their members

    Because credit unions are owned by their members, they listen and react promptly to their questions and concerns. They also take their members’ feedback and use it to make positive changes to the way they work, enabling them to introduce new loans, savings accounts and policies specifically tailored to their members’ needs.

    Their affordable loans are centred around their members’ needs

    Unfortunately, some lenders still offer loans to people who are unlikely to be able to afford the repayments in order to make money. Unlike these lenders, credit unions always have the best interests of their members at heart and this is especially true when it comes to loans.

    Whatever people need the money for, regardless of the amount, credit union loans are built around their members, with them typically offering a range of flexible and affordable loans that have fair and competitive interest rates which are capped by credit union legislation. 

    This ensures nobody is encouraged to take out a loan with unaffordable repayment rates and everybody who needs support can access it.

    They look after more than just people’s financial wellbeing

    If you’re a member of a credit union, in addition to financial products, you’ll also have access to advice, such as how to borrow responsibly or how to develop an effective savings habit.

    It is common knowledge that financial health impacts mental health, with this report from database company Statista revealing that monetary stress is the second biggest cause of stress in the UK. However, having access to financial information and advice helps people manage their finances better and can stop them developing stress-related mental illnesses that prevent them from acting to improve their financial situation.

    Your money is safe with them

    There is a misconception among some people that banks are inherently safer than credit unions. While this is an understandable concern, the truth is that credit unions are every bit as safe as high street banks.

    Credit unions are authorised and regulated by both the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and the Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA), which protects their members by ensuring they are run to strict regulatory standards.

    Furthermore, members’ savings are protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS), meaning that if anything DID happen to your credit union, your money would be safe and your finances would remain intact.

    What could Leeds Credit Union do for you?

    At Leeds Credit Union, looking after our members is second nature. To find out more about how to join and the loan products and services we provide, click here.

  9. Case Study – Help with Outstanding Debts

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    Case Study – Help with Outstanding Debts

    Many people join Leeds Credit Union (LCU) because they need help dealing with debt. Here’s the story of one of our members who used our services to ensure they and their partner never needed to deal with unscrupulous doorstep lenders again.

    “I have been an LCU member for three years and my main reason for joining was for the personal loan and to look into savings accounts. My partner and I were short on cash at the time so we applied for a loan to repay outstanding debts and the following day we were accepted. I was shocked; I did not think that we would be accepted.

    “Being accepted for various loans over the years has been life-saving”

    “Up until joining, we had religiously been using doorstep lenders for loans, but we have stopped using them now and only use LCU for our financial needs instead. The loans are much more affordable, faster and more reliable. It is all made so easy and has reduced our monthly outgoings; I’d be lost without it.

    “Being accepted for various loans over the years has been life-saving. The money has gone towards a holiday, household goods including a new fridge, cooker, sofa and bed, and it also helps if I’m short on bills and need a top-up. The customer service is always fantastic, and the staff are so polite and helpful that they feel like family. I think I now know them all by name and vice versa!

    “Since joining I have never looked back. LCU has helped my partner and I out of some difficult financial situations. My mum is now also a member and no longer uses doorstep lenders either. We are all in a much better place now and would never go anywhere else so thank you!”

    A positive difference

    We love making a positive difference to our members by helping them reduce their monthly outgoings and pay off their loans – or credit with higher rates of interest – so it was great to read these kind words.Our affordable loans are available to all Leeds Credit Union members. For more information and to apply now click here.

  10. Advice For Lowering Your Heating Bills This Winter

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    Advice For Lowering Your Heating Bills This Winter

    save on your heating bills

    On Monday, January 23rd, the National Grid paid households to cut their energy use to deal with “tighter than normal” demand, with its Demand Flexibility Service rewarding anyone who reduced their consumption between the hours of 5pm and 6pm.

    Approximately 26 energy companies – including British Gas – took part in the scheme and the opportunity to make money by turning off appliances is obviously appealing, especially in the midst of a cost of living crisis. But with the cold snap the UK is currently experiencing seeing temperatures drop as low as -10 degrees in some areas and with maintaining a warm home essential to health and wellbeing, turning off your heating may not be such a great idea.

    So if simply turning your heating off isn’t an option, what are some other ways to save on your heating bills? We take a look.

    Turn down your boiler’s flow temperature

    The temperature of the water that leaves your boiler to go to your radiators is called the boiler’s flow temperature. If it’s set too high, the boiler will run inefficiently, costing you extra money but if it’s set correctly, you could save between 8 and 12 percent on your gas bills.

    To ensure this happens, turn it down to either 65 degrees for a conventional boiler with a hot water cylinder, or 60 degrees if you have a combi boiler with no hot water cylinder. There is a certain amount of trial and error involved with reducing your boiler’s flow temperature as you may find the new setting is too cold, so be prepared that you’ll probably need to adjust the temperature more than once until you find the right temperature for your home.

    Whatever you do, however, the Energy Saving Trust recommends you NEVER set your conventional boiler with a hot water cylinder to less than 65 degrees or you run the risk of legionella bacteria growing in the cylinder.

    For more information and advice on how to change your boiler’s flow temperature, click here.

    Eliminate draughts

    One of the simplest ways to conserve heat is by blocking gaps that allow cold air into your home. Draught-proofing around your doors and windows could save you approximately £60 a year.

    Trap heat

    Heat can escape from your home in pretty much every direction so do whatever you can to block off its routes!

    Installing double – or triple – glazing will reduce the rate at which your home loses heat and replacing single-glazed windows with A++ rated double glazing could save you around £235 a year.

    Similarly, insulating cavity walls will reduce heat loss and, consequently, heating bills, potentially saving as much as £500 over the year, while insulating your loft could stop more than 25% of your house’s heat escaping through the roof.

    Use your curtains wisely

    Curtains help with heat retention by restricting air flow between warm and cold areas, preventing warm air from flowing out of your house. 

    Experts advise drawing your curtains at dusk to reduce heat loss by as much as 17%. As a general rule, the thicker the curtain the better the insulation.

    Check radiator settings

    Turning all your radiators to full blast will only cost you money as any empty rooms are being warmed to nobody’s benefit. Instead, set radiator dials on a room-by-room basis, with living areas and bedrooms set to higher heats and spare rooms to lower – or even turned all the way down.

    Check the thermostat

    Ensuring your heating only comes on when temperatures drop below a certain level – and go off again when the desired temperature has been reached – could save more than £150 per year. For many households, setting the thermostat to 18 degrees is the perfect way to keep properties warm but not too hot.

    Upgrade your boiler

    Not the cheapest solution but worth it in the long term.

    If your boiler is an old D-rated model, replacing it with a new A-rated version will make your heating system significantly more efficient and could save the average household around £300 a year.

    Leeds Credit Union can help with rising costs

    With loans from £250 to £25,000 available, as well as access to several effective savings accounts, we can help ensure the cost of your heating bill doesn’t cause you further financial worries. You can apply for one of our affordable loans here.

    In some cases, cost of living help is also available from the government. To find out if you’re eligible, click here. For more information about the different types of help available, click here.

On Monday, 4th December 2023, our systems will be down for scheduled maintenace from 3pm for approximately three hours.

This means head office, branches and online banking/app will not be contactable or usable.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.