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We know it can sometimes be difficult but we encourage everyone to try to save a little if they can. Having some savings helps you to weather any financial storms and can provide a buffer if times are hard.

We offer a range of savings accounts to suit your needs. As an adult, a Membership Account will be opened in your name when you become a member. This account allows for unlimited deposits and withdrawals and allows access to many other Leeds Credit Union services. You can also open one of our other savings accounts shown below – simply click on the account name for more details.

Our Young Saver account will be opened for new joiners under 18. This product is designed to help young people start to build a savings habit from a young age. When the member turns 18, they can move to a Membership Account.

For existing members, simply email services@leedscreditunion.co.uk, quoting your membership number, and the savings account you would like to open. Our team would be happy to help.

If you are not a member of the credit union already, you can apply onlinein branch, or download our application form.

As a credit union, we offer dividends on savings rather than interest payments. This is our way of sharing profits with our members, if we make a profit within a year, they are used to: improve our services, further support the community, or are given back to our members through dividends. Check the targeted dividends for your savings account, we announce our dividends for the year at our AGM (Annual General Meetings) so make sure to keep in touch!

Find our Terms & Conditions here. You can also view our Privacy Policy, which describes how we use our members’ information.