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Man handing over prepaid card

Prepaid Card Account

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Engage: The ethical digital account and Visa debit card available from Leeds Credit Union

Prepaid Card Account 

Engage: The ethical digital account and Visa debit card available from Leeds Credit Union 

What is the Engage Premium Account? Engage is a fair and ethical digital account and contactless Visa debit card that works just like a high street current account, but with no hidden fees or unexpected costs. 

Engage is the only account exclusive to Credit Unions and their members. 

Providing instant access to your money:  

Regular funds, or a Credit Union loan, are easily be paid directly into your Engage Premium account. Once funds are received you can immediately access cash from an ATM*, shop online or instore using your contactless Visa debit card, pay your bills and easily manage your money with the Engage digital mobile app. 
  • No fees to set up and just £2.30 a month management fee 
  • No cost to make a purchase within the UK 
  • Withdraw cash at ATMs or Post Offices* 
  • Free cashback service at participating retailers 
  • Pay your bills by transfer, standing order or direct debit 
  • Send/request money from others 
  • Earn cashback rewards on everyday shopping and services 

*99p fee for UK ATM withdrawals and 75p fee for cash withdrawals at a Post Office. 

FREE notifications when your funds are available: 

Do you want to know the minute your money is available to you? There is no need to contact or visit the Credit Union or call the customer services team, simply download the FREE Engage mobile app and receive instant notifications when your funds are paid into your Engage Premium Account. The app also provides you with up-to-the-minute balance and transaction information. 

Contactless payments with your debit card or mobile phone: 

The Engage Premium Account is designed to make your life easier by packing all the features you need onto your mobile phone. As well as using your contactless debit card to make purchases, you can also use your smartphone to make contactless payments. 

Engage: The account that rewards you! 

With Engage you can earn up to 15% cashback at national and local retailers whenever you use your debit card to make a purchase. Based on an average weekly grocery shop, you can easily earn more than enough to cover the monthly Engage Premium Card management fee!   For details of participating Engage reward retailers, download the Engage app today or visit www.engageaccount.com/rewards 

Never miss a bill payment with Engage Envelopes: 

Take the stress out of budgeting and paying household bills. Set up virtual savings envelopes in the Engage mobile app to help you budget for things like utility bills, rent/mortgage, council tax or for a special purchase. Then, when your bills are due Engage can automatically pay them by standing order, or release funds back into your Engage account to spend by debit card or to withdraw cash.  

Get your Engage Account today 

To open an Engage account, simply contact Leeds Credit Union for further details. 

You can also apply by downloading the Engage mobile app. Once you have the app, call us on 0113 242 3343 or visit your local branch to get the unique Leeds Credit Union code – this is because the Engage Card is only available to credit union members.

With Engage your funds are 100% safe at all times

The Engage Account and Visa debit card is available exclusively to members via our network of Credit Union and community banking partners in the UK. Engage is issued by Contis Financial Services Ltd who is authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority under the Electronic Money Regulations 2011 (Firm Reference Number: 900025) to issue e-money and is a member of Visa. Please note that electronic money products are not covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme. Instead, any funds received are held in a segregated account so that in the unlikely event that Contis Financial Services Ltd becomes insolvent, your funds are protected against claims made by creditors Should you require any further information on how your money is protected, please email info@engageaccount.com