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New cash perks facility

Take advantage of our new cash perks facility where you can access cash from a local cash machine.

This new service allows you to draw out between £10 and £500 out of your local cash machine via a one time use PIN and does not require a card- for a transaction fee less than the cost of a taxi (transaction fees below). For a full list of the available cash points you can use click here. To access this service contact a member of our team by calling 0113 242 3343 and selecting the cash perks option. We will then run through security, answer any queries and provide you with a text message with all the instructions to withdraw your money from your local cash machine. For a video on how to access the money from the cash machine please click here. As we can only send the text to the mobile number we hold on the system it is vital that you keep your details up to date Transaction Fees:
Sending Amount Cost per transaction
£10-£100 £2.95
£110-£200 £3.95
£210-£300 £4.95
£310-£400 £5.95
£410-£500 £6.95