Debt Consolidation Loans


Take Control of your Debt with a loan from Leeds Credit Union

Having a single loan can be a great way to bring your finances under control. As having one repayment instead of several to different lenders at different times of the month can be much easier to manage.

Simply work out the debts that you want to consolidate into one and apply for the amount that you will need to repay those debts. And if the loan is approved you can pay off those other borrowings.

Our Debt Consolidation Loans can not only make your debt easier to manage, they can also reduce the amount you repay each month.


A Debt Consolidation Loan can be used to pay off different types of debt:

  • Credit Cards – many credit cards charge high APRs making them an expensive way to borrow over the long term.

  • Overdraft – most banks charge high interest rates on overdrafts, which can mean that debts increase over time.

  • Store Cards – although you might get up front discounts on spending, they often have high APRs and fees.

  • Personal Loans – it’s easy to find that you have lots of loans (for your car, home improvements, new furniture etc) making finances complicated.


Benefits of a Debt Consolidation Loan:

  • Helps you cut your spending and get your finances back on track.

  • Makes budgeting easier/simpler – one payment instead of many.

  • Potentially lower monthly repayments – spread the debt over a period that means you can stay in control of your monthly outgoings.

  • Potentially lower interest rates by consolidating your debts - bigger loans often have lower interest rates.

  • LCU don’t charge any set up fees on our consolidation loans.

  • We don’t charge any penalties if you want to pay off your loan earlier.


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