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Gift Ideas for Father’s Day 2023

Sunday June 18th is Father’s Day, a day to celebrate your dear old dad and thank him for all the hours he spent raising you, helping you, teaching you and of course playing taxi for you for many years.

Most dads claim they don’t want anyone to go to any bother when it comes to getting them something for their birthday or Christmas but don’t be fooled, dads love a present as much as everybody else. This Father’s Day, why not get him something he’ll love with the help of our handy gift guide?

£20 and under

Beard Buddy Shaving Apron

If your dad is the sort who leaves his beard blocking the plug hole every time he shaves, this is a present the whole family can enjoy!

A convenient apron that attaches to the mirror to stop rogue hairs ending up all over the place during a shave, the Beard Buddy is washable, adjustable and comes with a storage bag.

Dad Joke Book

The only thing dads love more than a good joke is a good dad joke, i.e. the sort of joke that’s so unoriginal and/or unfunny that it actually is somehow kind of funny. 

If your dad could do with adding a few new weapons to his gag arsenal, this bestselling dad joke book should be right up his street.

Dumbbell Beer Glass

Does your dad enjoy a beer? Does he wish he had more free time so he could do more exercise? If the answer to these questions is ‘yes’ (even though you suspect that if he did have more spare time, he’d just use it to take more naps) then this dumbbell beer glass is the gift you’ve been looking for!

Made of high-quality glass, this not-so-little beauty will hold just over a pint of your old man’s favourite tipple and every time he does a rep with it, he can reward himself by taking a swig. Talk about a win-win!

£20 – £50

Fumebar air freshener

OK, an air freshener isn’t the first thing that sprang to our minds when we started thinking about gifts for dads but hear us out – this smart bit of kit might just revolutionise the dad-car industry.

A slim, slate grey diffuser that attaches discreetly to any of his car’s air vents, the Fumebar is a refillable cylinder that pumps out one of two dad-friendly scents to make his car smell nice and/or mask the whiff of his old trainers.

Portable Record Player

Although some dads have grown up consuming their music digitally, most still remember – and secretly yearn for – the good old days when you had to go to a shop and buy a CD or a record if you wanted to hear your favourite band’s new album.

If your dad fits into that category, this retro-looking record player is an inexpensive way to transport him back to those simpler times. Featuring built-in speakers, a suitcase design and a carry handle, your old man will be up in the loft digging out his old Rolling Stones vinyl in no time. If he tries to make you listen to Jethro Tull though, get the fuck outta there.

Laphroaig Single Malt Scotch Whisky

A delicious, refined whisky that almost any dad would be happy to sip from start to finish (although hopefully not in one sitting…), this particular offering from Laphroaig won gold at the San Francisco World Spirits Awards as recently as 2019.

With notes of oak, peat and sweetness, it’s the perfect drink to enjoy with family and friends after dinner, either on its own or with your dad’s favourite mixer.


Ooni Pizza Oven

Dads love pizzas, gadgets and cooking outdoors, so this tidy little pizza oven might be the pinnacle of Father’s Day presents.

A portable, wood-fired pizza oven that reaches 500°C in under 20 minutes and cooks pizzas to smoky perfection in as little as 60 seconds, Oonis also come with a three-year guarantee and the option of a whole host of accessories. If you ask us, all dads ought to come with one of these as standard.

Best of British Car Driving Experience

Not just one car but THREE!

That’s right, if your dad fancies himself as his generation’s Lewis Hamilton, he’ll be in his element taking each of three iconic British cars out for a three mile drive. With six cars to choose between – including an Aston Martin DB5 and an E-Type Jaguar – and an instructor by his side to stop him getting too carried away, this is an experience your dad will never forget.

The Butcher’s Breakfast Box

Fortnum & Mason is renowned for its incredibly good food so you can guarantee your dad will love this box full of breakfast brilliance.

Bursting with specially selected bacon, sausages, eggs, salted butter, sourdough bread, tomato sauce, tea and coffee, the only downside is that every other cooked breakfast he’ll ever have will be pale in comparison.

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