Yorkshire Day 2020: Top Ten Best Facts About Yorkshire

Tuesday, July 28, 2020


Ey up! To celebrate Yorkshire Day 2020 why not enjoy some brilliant facts (and maybe a few half truths!) about our great county? Check out our list and be sure to tell us any facts you might have about the jewel of the north.

1. North Yorkshire is the biggest county in the UK

The biggest and the best - our great county covers the largest area in the UK. That’s what makes us so special, there is plenty to explore.

2. We have the first seaside resort

Scarborough was the UK’s first seaside resort and has been there for over 360 years. It’s still Yorkshire’s largest holiday destination and despite its popularity, still maintains its original charm and character.

3. It’s home to the oldest football club

Yorkshire was the ‘birthplace’ of club football - in a manner of speaking - and is home to the world’s oldest existing (and still running) football club, Sheffield F.C. You can find the full history of the club here.

4. Our cuisine is world famous

The county's most well-known delicacy, by far, is the Yorkshire pudding. One of the most popular brands of frozen Yorkshire puddings, Aunt Bessie’s produces more than 53 million packs of Yorkshire puddings every year from their factory in Hull and nearly all of them rise. This isn’t the only food that we’re known for though - Wensleydale cheese originates from here and the Magpie Cafe in Whitby has award-winning fish and chips!

5. We have the largest shopping complex in the UK

Sheffield's Meadowhall is the UK’s biggest shopping and leisure complex, with over 25 million visitors a year - it’s also one of Europe’s largest!

6. It’s the home of three historical Prime Ministers

Three notable Prime Ministers have come from Yorkshire; Charles Watson-Wentworth, Harold Wilson and Herbert Henry Asquith!

7. We have the biggest gothic cathedral

York Minster, which took 252 years to build, is the largest gothic cathedral in northern Europe. Built between 1407 and 1433, it stands more than 230 feet - the height of a 21-story building and weighs more than 16,000 metric tonnes.

8. We helped create the modern loo!

Toilet pioneer Thomas Crapper, who was born in Thorne near Doncaster created the modern toilet!

9. We accidentally invented Jelly Tots

Leeds based scientist Brian Boffey accidentally invented Jelly Tots in 1967, while trying to produce a powdered jelly that set instantly when added to cold water

10. We have the best Olympians (sort of!)

If Yorkshire was an independent country, it would have finished an incredible twelfth in the medal league table at the 2012 Olympics; gaining 7 Golds, 2 Silvers and 3 Bronze. Yorkshire-born athletes include Jessica Ennis, who competed in the Heptathlon, boxer Nicola Adams and cyclist Ed Clancy. These are just a few amazing facts about our beautiful county, but we’ve got a couple more important pieces of information for you - Leeds City Credit Union is a financial cooperative with 37,000 members that provides straightforward, affordable financial services. We can help anyone who lives or works in Leeds, Wakefield, Harrogate and Craven, residents of certain housing associations or those who work for one of our 'Select' employers, so why not get in touch?