What a  Difference a Year Makes

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

This time last year I was feeling a bit sick. Fulfilling my daughter’s Christmas wish list seemed like a very expensive, impossible task.The feeling of dread started creeping up on me in late September. During October I tried to squirrel away spare pennies but by November the fund was looking bleak and I was feeling a bit like Tiny Tim. In the final hour I managed to out source the big requests to generous grandparents. Christmas was delivered on a shoe string.

This year, things are looking up after I decided to join Leeds Credit Union and start a Christmas Saver account. I chose a monthly amount which was taken directly from my wages before it was swallowed up by bills, and this month I was able to access my Christmas nest egg. In the world of personal banking, CU’s are the good guys. They act like banks, offering the same services but the big distinguishing factor is that they are non profit institutions. They focus on helping their members save, borrow and receive affordable financial services instead of maximising corporate profit like big banks. For me it was a great way to save. I like the fact that the CU passes on savings from their non profit status to offer dividends on savings and lower fees. If you’re interested in joining the Leeds Credit Union the details are all here 

This year my daughter and I are going to Paris for Christmas, what a difference a year makes!