Start Looking Forward as Lockdown Restrictions Ease

By Leeds Credit Union

As the United Kingdom rolls out the plan to hopefully get us out of lockdown, it means we can start planning ahead to a more positive future. So to help with this, we have compiled the upcoming milestones and put together a list of things you can begin to look forward to as we head to the end date of June 21st.

From small significant things to start, to all the fun you can have as we hopefully begin to enjoy freedom again - take a dive into our list and get your diaries at the ready!

Outdoor meetings and sports - March 29th

You can now plan to meet friends and family outdoors on March 29th - using the rule of six or two households. So if the weather is ideal, take advantage and enjoy a brisk walk somewhere in Yorkshire - you can find our list of top local walking destinations here.

The next step also includes the return of outdoor sports for adults and children. You can now participate in five-a-side, jog with your friends, play golf and enjoy tennis again. You can find out more information about which sports are returning and when indoor sports are set to comeback here.

Retail, overnights stays and pilot events - April 12th

One of the first major steps is on 12th of April, which sees the return of retail, hospitality outdoors and a few attractions. There will be plenty of places to visit if you have young children, zoos, theme parks and drive-in cinemas to name a few.

We can all begin to sort our hair out as well and get some needed self-care, with hair/beauty salons and barbers being given the green light to reopen. April also sees the return of the gym - which is perfect for those that feel they have been deprived of the physical and mental benefits of exercising.

April 12th also sees the return of outdoor hospitality, many will be looking forward to enjoying a drink in a beer garden. You can find all the best outdoor hospitality in Leeds in this article by the Yorkshire Evening Post if you’re looking to get booked in early!

Indoor activities return - May 17th

May will see the return of indoor hospitality and entertainment with some rules and regulations. We will all be able to return to some of our favourite places, stadiums and restaurants in some capacity.

The 17th will also see organised sports indoors return, weddings and life events are also expected to return with a limit of 30 people allowed. Football stadiums will also be returning giving an excellent opportunity for Leeds fans who have yet to see their team play Premier League football.

Alternatively, if you don’t manage to get tickets, we’ve got you covered. We listed out the best places to watch Leeds United across the city - so you can take advantage of indoor hospitality as well. It is also a good time to plan for domestic holidays, if you wish to travel and explore this year - as it looks like going abroad is off the table.

A pending return to normality - June 21st

The date that everyone is looking forward to the most - hopefully normality! With no limits on social contact, large events and nightclubs set to return - it’s the perfect time to get your life back on track.

With light at the end of the tunnel, Leeds Credit Union can help you. Begin planning for the future with us as we have a range of low-interest loans, savings products and more that can provide you with extra peace of mind with your money, as you begin saving for events and holidays.