Spring Cleaning on a Budget

By Leeds Credit Union

With the Great British Spring Clean on the horizon and spring 2021 already coming to an end, time is running out to get all your spring cleaning completed. 

But at a time when saving money has never been more important, statistics website Statista is reporting that UK households spent an average of £2.70 per week on cleaning materials in 2020 - an average annual outgoing of more than £140 per household. So is it possible to spring clean on a budget?

The answer is yes. By repurposing everyday household items, spring cleaning costs can be reduced, allowing you to keep your home clean and tidy without putting a dent in your wallet. Check out our top tips below.

Cleaning the cooker

One of the hardest appliances to clean, bringing the shine back to your oven isn't as difficult as you might think.

Add half a cup of baking soda to half a cup of water to make a spreadable paste, apply it to the interior of the oven (except the heating elements) and leave for at least 12 hours. Then simply wipe off with a damp cloth. Any areas of baked-on food still remaining can be easily removed with a spatula.

Scrubbing the bath

Again, baking soda is the key here. Simply sprinkle onto any areas of the tub in need of a clean, then add warm water. Leave to bubble away for two to three minutes, then scrub clean. If you have any particularly tough stains, adding a little vinegar to the mixture will get rid of them in no time.

If your bath taps need some TLC, cut a lemon in half and rub it over any stains or marks - the citric acid will remove them quickly and easily.

Removing pet hair from carpets

Pets + carpets = hairy carpets, especially if one or more of the pets is a dog.

When hoovering alone won't remove all the hair, there's no need to invest in a dedicated fur-removing broom or a professional carpet cleaning service - an old squeegee will do the job just as well. Designed for cleaning windows, squeegees have flat, smooth rubber blades which are fantastic at gathering up animal hairs when run over carpets. Simply brush the hairs into a pile and hoover up.

Dusting blinds

Blinds are one of the fiddliest and most frustrating household fittings to clean and it can be tempting to buy a blind (or multi surface) cleaner to tackle them. But there's no need; simply combine equal parts water and vinegar in a bowl and use an old sock to apply the liquid to the blind - they'll be gleaming and dust-free in no time.

Cleaning the microwave

Another job for spare lemons. Simply pour half a cup of water into a microwave-safe bowl, slice a lemon in half, squeeze in the juice, then add both halves. Microwave on high power for three minutes to bring the liquid to the boil, then leave to stand for five minutes, keeping the microwave door closed while the steam from the water and lemon gets to work. 

Next, open the door, remove the bowl, lift out and wipe clean the turntable (if you have one), then wipe down the interior of the microwave, including the inside of the door. If any stubborn spots remain, simply scrub them with a cloth which has been dipped in the lemon water.

Removing oil stains

Unsightly oil stains in garages and on driveways don't require expensive degreasers to remove. Simply pour a can of Coca-Cola onto the affected area, leave overnight and wash down the next day with warm water. The acidity in the Coke will leave the area stain free with the minimum of fuss. 

Cleaning screens

Instead of stocking up on specialist equipment to clean your TV and laptop screens, coffee filters make an excellent, cheap alternative. Simply sweep a dry filter across the screen and, because it's lint-free and anti-static, your screen will be instantly dust free.

How Leeds Credit Union can help

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