Money Saving Tips

Tuesday, January 26, 2021

With all the financial uncertainty from the pandemic, you may be feeling anxious about your money. So to help with this we’ve put together some top money saving tips you can use to ease your concerns during these unprecedented times and help keep your bank balance looking healthier.

Create a budget

It may seem simple, but creating a budget and sticking to it can work wonders. Leeds Credit Union can help you with this too as our Money and Budgeting Service teamwork in partnership with Housing Leeds, helps tenants who are struggling to budget their money and pay their bills - they will be able to help you create a realistic budget to get
you back on track - find out more information here.

Waste less food

Create meal plans and buy the correct amount of food that will feed everyone in your household. It may seem easy, but cutting back on your groceries will save you money and be better for your health.

You should also try and stick to your meal plans - takeaways every week can create a deep hole in your budget. Equally, if you’ve got more time because of the lockdown, why not try some recipes and create a cheaper homemade meal plan for the week?

Tesco have put together a list of recipes that are affordable and are easy to make - take a
look here.

Use some money saving apps

If you’re looking for some technological help, then take a look at these five money-saving apps from Money Saving Expert. These apps can help with budgeting, saving and are a more interactive and convenient way of managing your money.

Talk with your friends if you’re having money problems

This might not be a specific money-saving tip, but talking to your friends and family openly about money issues can help relieve the stress that comes with money issues.

Using Zoom or just a simple phone call could be sufficient if you can’t meet your friends due to the restrictions. Also you can take a look at our previous blog on financial and mental wellbeing . It offers tips and advice on what you can do when you’re struggling with the new lockdown, finances, and mental health.

Leeds Credit Union can help

Leeds Credit Union is also here to help if you’re struggling financially or you want to boost your savings. We have the expertise you can rely on to improve your financial situation; you can take a look at all of our money saving options and loans here.