How to Host your Office Christmas Parties Online

Wednesday, December 16, 2020

As we near the end of 2020 one of the annual festive celebrations that sadly won’t be taking place for most of us is the office Christmas party. This is often a day many look forward to and one which is usually spent in a venue that can host many people with games, food and drink.

However, just because we can’t meet in person, it doesn’t mean you can’t have an office party! As much like most of our meetings this year, you can instead host them online. So to help, we’ve put together a few approaches you can take if you want to host and have a digital office Christmas party and how you can have a great time with your colleagues.

Set up a Virtual Office Secret Santa

You can still get a virtual Secret Santa going, get names drawn now, set a budget and make sure you get people to buy gifts online and have them delivered to the address of the person they’ve picked out. You can then open them during the virtual office party!

Send Out your Invites

Make an invitation that will stand out and grab the attention of your coworkers so that everyone will want to get involved in your virtual meeting!

You can either get creative with an email or even create cool personalised online invitations, you can see some examples here . It’ll be worth including some instructions on how to join the virtual chat as will pointing them towards the Zoom app - which you can learn more about and install here .

Insist on a Festive Dress Code!

Be sure to get a festive dress code on the go, it can be Christmas jumpers or any kind of Christmas outfit. You could make your Zoom call a fancy dress one and you could also have awards for the best outfit with prizes for the winner!
Take a look at some of the best Christmas fancy dress outfits here - there’s a full selection for everyone!

Organise a Quiz and Some Awards

We know many of us may be sick of Zoom and quizzes, but why not make one applicable to your office? This’ll be far more entertaining than a general knowledge one, plus you can have a little bit more fun with the questions. If you’re stuck for inspiration though, take a look at the best quiz ideas in this post. On top of this you could also do some awards, which you can again send out via email or have the prizes delivered to the recipients - just make sure you get planning these now.

Indulge in some Online Karaoke

You can now host karaoke online and find out which one of your colleagues is the next Mariah Carey! This guide is perfect for those looking for a bit of musical fun this festive season, it shows how you can set up and get everyone involved for a sing-song!

Order Takeaway!

The traditional office party banquet can still be enjoyed with a little coordination. All you need to do is encourage your colleagues to order in a takeaway during the online party. While this might mean people eat at slightly different times, it’ll still ensure everyone has some delicious treats to enjoy during the party.

How Leeds Credit Union can Help in 2021

We hope all of these ideas give you some festive cheer and an opportunity to celebrate with your coworkers in what has been a hard year for the majority of the country - hopefully we won’t be spending next Chrimbo the same way!

Also, we wanted to point out that Leeds Credit Union is here to help in 2021, alongside our loans, we can provide you with added peace of mind for next Christmas as our Christmas Club Account lets you save as much as you want from January until October.