How to be Frugal & Festive!

By Leeds Credit Union

Christmas can be such an expensive time of year with the average Christmas now costing £821.25 per household. Here’s a few tried and tested life hacks to help you celebrate without breaking the bank..

  • Buying event presents that can be paid for / saved until the following year, perhaps that's concert tickets where the travel and accommodation can be planned for later.
  • Group presents that can be done together: Family ‘Break out room’, ‘JunkYard Golf, GoApe
  • Groupon, Wowcher activities that are already discounted
  • Enjoy in-store promotions throughout the year and
  • Think about buying some key food items already discounted and freeze it now if you can
  • DIY personalised hampers - Don’t fork out on expensive pre made hampers that might have 20% of stuff someone wants,get creative and buy single items that you know they’ll love, even if its a jar of marmite! Its makes it really personalised
  • Buy a real Christmas tree closer to the Christmas Eve as companies will be wanting to get rid of them quickly and cheaply
  • Find hidden local social marketplace bargains
  • Double-check Christmas deliveries are specified
  • Sort Xmas post early and think about creating your own cards,maybe the kids can help? Also think about E-Cards
  • Book train tickets in advance
  • Call long-distance relatives using online face video services like Skype

Sadly, Christmas isn't jolly for all. If you (or a friend) have worries about the cost of xmas.. Many say, after help, "I finally got a decent night's sleep".
If you do find yourself short of funds it might be worth considering planning ahead with an affordable loan from a well-regulated trusted provider.