Home Improvement Tips for 2021

By Leeds Credit Union

Why not improve your home this spring and get it looking beautiful and pristine for summer? We’ve put together a list of tricks and tips for affordable home improvements, from your bathrooms, bedrooms and the outside of your home.

Add colour to your home

Add a splash of colour to bring new life to your home or rooms. You can run through each room and assess where you can improve and what colour it may need to improve it. This article from My Move explains exactly how, from adding colourful flowers, painting walls and floors and also how you can add small accessories that will .

You can also give your front door a fresh lick of paint, if you’ve got time to spend and are willing to put in the effort to give the front of your house a new look - this how-to blog is perfect for those looking to freshen up things!

Improve the lighting in your rooms

There’s plenty of affordable ways to add natural light into a room. Look at changing light bulbs for a stronger light, or investing in a floor lamp. You can also consider removing curtains in some room to bring in more natural light - if that’s what you’d prefer!

Adding mirrors to your home creatively can also improve the lighting. Country Living has included six ways that mirrors can improve texture, space and light into your humble abode.

Start with some shelves

Fancy some DIY to spend an afternoon or morning? Why not build some shelves to store some of your favourite stuff? House Beautiful have provided a list of ideas for DIY shelves that you can create if you want some more storage space.

Be prepared to start fixing

Noticed something that is broken and needs fixing? Assess the problem and see if you can sort it yourself. It’s important to fix things now before they get any worse or become unfixable. Real Simple has included sixteen things that you can either DIY or know when it’s time to call a professional. This can be a useful set of tips for when any of these problems occur in your own home.

Painting or staining kitchen cabinets

As we explained earlier about adding colour to rooms in your home, you can even give your kitchen a splash of colour. Painting or even staining your cabinets is another easy way to change and alter the vibe and feel of your kitchen. It's definitely the more cost-effective way to buy and then having to install new kitchen cabinets. Giving them that little retouch will give it new life!

If you’re nervous about giving your kitchen cabinets a retouch or worried about ruining them, Good Housekeeping has a good blog about how to avoid mistakes and fix them as well.

How we can help improve your home

We are also here to help, with our loans range from small loans of £250, up to large loans of £10,000 and even up to £20,000. So whether you’re looking for additional support to pay for home improvements, a new car or simply to help you manage your bills, you could find the right loan amount to suit your needs.

For some more top tips you can find our previous blog from last year on other interior home improvements you can make.