Back to School Checklist for Parents

Friday, September 4, 2020

It’s been quite a while since you’ve dropped the kids off at the school gates - so here’s a handy reminder checklist to make sure you have everything covered for their return to school!

From uniforms, to the correct stationary and getting back into a solid school routine! We will also discuss COVID-19 safety awareness and making sure you’re taking all the necessary and correct precautions!

#1 Establish your routine...again

Getting the kids back into a solid routine will benefit you all in terms of organisation and making the school rush far less hassle. So get in the habit of doing the following on a Sunday evening:

● Making packed lunches
● Having money/passes ready for busses/trains
● Getting uniforms ready for the morning
● Getting school bags packed

Then, in the morning you’ll be ready and you’ll have enough time to make sure everyone in your household has had a good breakfast.

For extra help, you can find a full list of how to create a good routine for school children here.

#2 Stock up on stationery

Now is the time to get stationery for your child if you haven't already.

Lots of primary and secondary school students are provided with pens and pencils but that shouldn't stop you supplying your own as well.

Try to provide essentials such as:

● Handwriting Pen
● Pencil
● Sharpener
● Rubber
● Ruler
● Pencil Case
● Colouring Pencils

Those are just a few necessities for going back to school, find the full list here.

#3 Buy new uniform and facemasks

You kids may well have grown in the last six months, so it’s likely they’ll need new uniforms. So get to the shops now or order the right size online so you’re good and ready.

What’s more, many schools will be implementing the mandatory wearing of face masks, so make sure you stock up on these too, as your kids will probably get through a fair few of them due to simple wear and tear.

#4 Explain that there will be new rules

With face masks in mind, it’s important to explain that things won’t be exactly the same for your children returning to school - especially if they’re young.

Things will look and physically be different - but tell your child not to worry, because their teachers have been working on how to make the school safer and will help them get used to the new layouts and rules to follow.

The schools should also be able to provide you and your child with guidance on their COVID-19 safety precautions if you need it.

#5 Be supportive

Explain how it is normal to be worried and scared of the virus but also be supportive and tell them how to stay safe. Try to listen to their concerns and reassure them, don’t plant any new worries in their head!

Here are some examples of how to talk to your kids about their possible concerns.

#6 Be kind to yourself

It’s a tough time for everyone at the moment and it can be just as stressful for parents.

Outside of the school day, be sure to look for some fun activities to do to take your mind off things, find time to exercise and simply take some time to yourself.