5 Fun and Affordable Valentine's Date Ideas

By Leeds Credit Union

With Valentine's Day right around the corner, time's running out to get your thinking cap on and come up with a fun, thoughtful and romantic activity for you and your other half to enjoy together on the 14th.

Unfortunately, the cost of everything from food and drink to public transport is going in the wrong direction at the moment, so whatever you decide to do also needs to be affordable. But 'affordable' doesn't have to mean 'boring', as these 5 low-cost ideas prove.

Games night

While some people still believe board games are only of interest to kids, they have actually enjoyed a surge in popularity over the last couple of years due to social distancing forcing people to make their own entertainment at home.

As a result, there have never been more to choose from, from new titles you've never played before to old classics, so why not settle in for the night with a couple of games and some good food and drink? 

Whether you go for something lighthearted or something that brings out your competitive side, spending time doing something different with your partner is guaranteed to get you talking and enjoying one another's company. 

Go stargazing

For a truly romantic evening, all you really need is your other half, so get your big coats out, prepare a picnic and head somewhere with a good view of the sky where you can cuddle up together and relax under the stars.

Beaches and hill-tops generally provide the best views (with the added benefit of being nice and romantic in their own right) but if you live miles away from either, build a campfire in your garden and settle in around that with some of your favourite food and drink instead.

Whichever you opt for, remember to check the weather forecast first!

Remember the good old days

If you and your better half love nothing more than getting nostalgic, you can spend many happy hours pouring over photos of the two of you together and reminiscing about the stories behind them.

A particularly good idea if you've been with your partner for several years, there's no need to worry about what sort of photos you have either - this idea works just as well with old photo albums and polaroids as it does with photos on your phone, tablet or laptop. 

Depending on how new your TV is, you could even hook your smart devices up to it and enjoy your old photos as a slideshow while you snuggle together on the sofa.

Movie night

For most of us, nights out at the cinema have been few and far between since the first lockdown and if it ain't broke, don't fix it - use the money you would've spent on nachos and a massive drink and rent a film from an online store or open a Netflix account instead.

Then, instead of driving to your nearest multiplex, simply knock up some homemade popcorn, meet your partner on the couch, get under a cosy blanket and put your feet up with a brand new blockbuster or one of your favourite films. Perfect.

Go for a walk

Is there anything more romantic than going for a winter walk with your partner?

The answer is 'no' - and, better yet, you don't even need to plan anything in advance other than working out where you're going to go. Get your winter coats and walking boots on, check where the nearest cafes and pubs are and hit the trail.

For those of a more energetic persuasion, you could even take it up a notch and go for a bike ride instead.

Bringing value to your Valentine's Day

While many people look forward to Valentine's Day, being expected to buy expensive gifts for your partner can be stressful for those facing financial difficulties. At Leeds Credit Union, we offer affordable small loans of £250 to our members to help ensure no one has to break the bank when February 14th rolls around.