• The History of Credit Unions

    By Leeds Credit Union

    To celebrate International Credit Union Day, we're taking a look at the history of credit unions.

  • Leeds' Best Curry Houses: National Curry Week 2021

    By Leeds Credit Union

    National Curry Week is here again so we've rounded up some of our favourite local curry houses for you to try.

  • The Benefits of Electric Cars

    By Leeds Credit Union

    With the petrol shortage continuing to wreak havoc on the nation's forecourts, is now the right time to invest in an electric car? We take a look here.

  • How To Deal With Rising Energy Prices

    By Leeds Credit Union

    With the price of gas soaring in recent weeks, we're sharing some expert advice on what to do next.

  • The Benefits of Cycling to School

    By Leeds Credit Union

    With Bike to School Week about to take place, we've compiled a list of the benefits of cycling and how we can help you secure the bike you really want.

  • How To Save Money By Recycling

    By Leeds Credit Union

    As Recycle week gets underway we've taken a look at the financial benefits of recycling and how you can get involved.

  • Advice for Booking a Late Summer Holiday

    By Leeds Credit Union

    Summer may nearly be over but there's no reason you can't still enjoy a holiday. We've taken a look at the latest travel rules for popular European destinations.

  • Best Heritage Sites in Yorkshire

    By Leeds Credit Union

    To run alongside Heritage Open Days week, we've chosen a few of Yorkshire's best spots for you to explore.

  • Best Day Trips in Yorkshire

    By Leeds Credit Union

    To celebrate the summer Bank Holiday on Monday, we've taken a look at some of the best day trips Yorkshire has to offer.

  • Back to School: Advice for Parents

    By Leeds Credit Union

    Now the summer holidays are nearly over, it's time to start planning for the kids' return to school.

  • How To Make Your Wedding More Affordable

    By Leeds Credit Union

    With wedding season in full swing, we've taken a look at ways to make your wedding day less expensive.

  • Top Tips for Buying a Second-Hand Car

    By Leeds Credit Union

    With second-hand car sales rising, we've put together a list of tips you can use to help you when purchasing a used car.

  • Top Summer Gardening Tips

    By Leeds Credit Union

    To celebrate National Allotment Week, we've rounded up some top tips to make your garden a summer sensation without costing the earth.

  • The Best Days Out in Yorkshire

    By Leeds Credit Union

    In honour of Yorkshire Day on August 1st, enjoy our round-up of the best places in the region to visit.

  • The Heptathlon of Finance

    By Leeds Credit Union

    To celebrate the Olympics, we're looking at seven tips for gold medal level financing.

  • Ready, Steady, Dough: The Best Doughnuts in Leeds!

    By Leeds Credit Union

    Whether you prefer yours sugary, jammy or even vegan, we've rounded up the best doughnut shops in and around Leeds for National Donut Week!

  • Best Barbecues for the Summer

    By Leeds Credit Union

    Now summer's here, we've rounded up the best BBQs and BBQ accessories to make your garden parties sizzle.

  • Yorkshire's Best Picnic Spots

    By Leeds Credit Union

    To celebrate National Picnic Week, we've taken a look at the best picnic sites in and around Yorkshire for you to enjoy.

  • Gift Ideas for Father's Day 2021

    By Leeds Credit Union

    Stuck for a gift idea for Father’s Day? Check out our pick of the perfect presents for dads this Father's Day.

  • Best TV Deals for Watching EURO 2020

    By Leeds Credit Union

    With the EUROs here, many of us want to make sure you are able to watch the action in the best way possible, with our list of some of the best TV deals around.

  • Time's Up For Doorstep Lenders

    By Leeds Credit Union

    The closure of Provident Financial means there is an opportunity to reform the loan market and protect the financially vulnerable.

  • Best Fish & Chip Shop Locations in the Area

    By Leeds Credit Union

    In honour of National Fish & Chip Day, we've taken a look at the best fish & chip outlets in the Leeds area.

  • Spring Cleaning on a Budget

    By Leeds Credit Union

    Check out our top tips for giving your home a spring clean without having to break the bank on replacing your furnishings.

  • Top Tips to Improve your Garden

    By Leeds Credit Union

    Tips on how LCU’s members can improve their gardens and greenspaces, now the weather has improved and how we can help.

  • Top Five Staycations in the United Kingdom

    By Leeds Credit Union

    Due to government restrictions it will be unlikely to have a holiday abroad, so we have listed some of the best spots in the UK.

  • Top Locations & Attractions Opening Up in Yorkshire

    By Leeds Credit Union

    As we enter the next step of lockdown easing, we have decided to help our LCU members with a list of the top things that are reopening across Leeds and Yorkshire.

  • Best Places to Enjoy a Walk this Easter Weekend

    By Leeds Credit Union

    Discover the best places across Leeds and Yorkshire where you can enjoy a brisk walk over the Easter Weekend.

  • Home Improvement Tips for 2021

    By Leeds Credit Union

    Top tips for how you can make improvements to your home and advice on how our loans can help make them affordable.

  • Start Looking Forward as Lockdown Restrictions Ease

    By Leeds Credit Union

    As we head towards the easing of lockdown restrictions, here’s what you can look forward to with each step of the Government’s plan to return to normality.

  • Mother's Day Gift Ideas

    By Leeds Credit Union

    We’ve put together a list of Mother's Day gift ideas that we know your mum will love - even with lockdown restrictions in place you can still get something special!

  • The Key Points from the Budget 2021

    By Leeds Credit Union

    This post covers a brief explanation of what the Chancellor’s recent Budget announcement involves and what it could mean for Leeds Credit Union's members this year.

  • Getting the Kids Back to School: A Checklist for Parents

    By Leeds Credit Union

    A checklist of what Leeds Credit Union members and those in the area will need to do as our children prepare to they return to the classroom following lockdown.

  • Common Coronavirus Scams to Avoid

    By Leeds Credit Union

    This post explains some of the common Coronavirus scams going around right now and offers advice on how to avoid them and stay safe.

  • Setting and Achieving Your Financial Goals in 2021

    By Leeds Credit Union

    Find out how you can look to achieve your financial goals by using our list of useful tips and advice.

  • Stress Relief Tips

    By Leeds Credit Union

    2021 has already started with its own challenges, both mental and financial, causing undue stress for many of us. So we’ve compiled a list of stress relief tips to help make this situation more manageable.

  • Money Saving Tips

    By Leeds Credit Union

    With the recent lockdown and the financial uncertainty it brings, we have put together a list of money saving tips that can help you through this and stay on track.

  • Five Simple Ways to Save Energy

    By Leeds Credit Union

    To celebrate Energy Saving Week 2021, we have created a list of five simple ways you can save energy at home. During the lockdown many of us will of course be at home working or looking after young children. However, following the lockdowns of 2020, you may have noticed your energy bills rising. So we have come up with five simple ways you can begin to save energy to help you reduce your bills.

  • Managing your Financial and Mental Wellbeing

    By Leeds Credit Union

    Find out how financial and mental wellbeing often go hand in hand and learn some useful approaches for managing both of these important parts of your life.

  • How to Host your Office Christmas Parties Online

    By Leeds Credit Union

    With office Christmas parties moving online this festive season, we’ve compiled a list of alternative ways to enjoy a classic Christmas knees up, digitally.

  • Christmas Gift Ideas for Him

    By Leeds Credit Union

    If you’re struggling to think of some Christmas gift ideas for men, here is a list of some of the best gifts for him with all budgets considered.

  • Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids

    By Leeds Credit Union

    It can be difficult to figure out exactly what to get your kids for Christmas, so we have compiled a list of bargains just in time to beat the Christmas rush.

  • Christmas Gift Ideas for Her

    By Leeds Credit Union

    Here are five ideas for great Christmas gifts for her all for under £30, also find out how our Christmas loans can help you this festive season.

  • Selection of Our Best Black Friday Deals

    By Leeds Credit Union

    Electronics to perfumes, discover some of the best Black Friday deals and find out how Leeds Credit Union can help you make the most of this sales event.

  • What is Black Friday and Cyber Monday?

    By Leeds Credit Union

    In this guide we explain what exactly Black Friday and Cyber Monday is, how to get the best deals on the day and how Leeds Credit Union can help out!

  • Online Shopping Advice

    By Leeds Credit Union

    With everyone more likely to be shopping online this winter due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve produced a post full of advice on how to shop online safely and general online shopping advice.

  • How to Budget for Christmas

    By Leeds Credit Union

    Christmas isn’t far away, so now is a great time to start budgeting. From saving money on presents, food and decorations to additional financial support from Leeds Credit Union, here’s our top Xmas budgeting tips and advice.

  • Bonfire Night At Home- Safety Tips and Advice

    By Leeds Credit Union

    Due to the pandemic all public firework displays taking place across the area this year are cancelled. So with many of us celebrating at home instead, we’ve put together a list of safety tips so you can have a fun and safe Bonfire Night!

  • Clarion residents- budgeting tips

    By Leeds Credit Union

    When it comes to your finances, making a budget is one of the best ways to manage your money, but unfortunately, a lot of people are reluctant to actually make one.

  • Half term at home- Top Family Activities

    By Leeds Credit Union

    Half term has arrived so we’ve put together a list of things you can do from your own home to enjoy some real quality family time.

  • Amazon Prime Day- Finding the Best Deals and Avoiding Scams

    By Leeds Credit Union

    Take a look at our Amazon Prime Day blog post where we’ve explained how to spot the best deals, fake reviews and to keep a look out for dangerous products.

  • Top Curry Restaurants In Leeds: National Curry Week 2020

    By Leeds Credit Union

    National Curry Week 2020 is here and to celebrate we have put together a list of some of the best curry houses across Leeds, as rated by Tripadvisor!

  • National Bike to School Week 2020

    By Leeds Credit Union

    For National Bike to School Week 2020 Leeds Credit Union is encouraging all families and school kids to get involved and enjoy the health benefits of cycling to school.

  • Cleaning up in the Community: National Recycle Week 2020

    By Leeds Credit Union

    To celebrate National Recycle Week 2020, we have compiled a list of easy recycling tips for our members to try which will help the environment in the long run.

  • Where to Watch Leeds United Games in Leeds City Centre

    By Leeds Credit Union

    Leeds United are back in the Premier League so we’ve put together a list of the best places to watch them in town - from pubs and sports bars to hidden gems across the city.

  • Back to School Checklist for Parents

    By Leeds Credit Union

    With kids everywhere going back to school after lockdown, we’ve put together a checklist that covers what every child will need and what parents need to consider.

  • National Payroll Week 2020

    By Leeds Credit Union

    It’s National Payroll Week and to celebrate we wanted to share with you some of the fabulous payroll services Leeds Credit Union has to offer and our work with MONEY4U.

  • Best Walking Destinations In Yorkshire

    By Leeds Credit Union

    As part of providing ideas for cheap activities to keep the whole family busy we’ve put together a selection of some of the best walking routes in Yorkshire to celebrate Yorkshire Day 2020

  • Our Top 5 Destinations in Yorkshire

    By Leeds Credit Union

    As part of our Yorkshire Day celebrations we thought we would share with you our top five destinations to visit in Yorkshire.

  • Yorkshire Day 2020: Top Ten Best Facts About Yorkshire

    By Leeds Credit Union

    Find out our top ten best facts about Yorkshire, in celebration of Yorkshire Day 2020.

  • The Best Pubs In Leeds That Are Reopening After Lockdown

    By Leeds Credit Union

    We strongly believe in supporting the local business economy As Leeds’ pubs and bars are slowly beginning to open, we thought we would list some of the best that our fair city has to offer from value for money to popular spots to enjoy a pleasant drink or even gastro pubs with restaurants to treat yourself.

  • Father’s Day Gift Guide

    By Leeds Credit Union

    In our Father’s Day gift guide, we have put together a list of perfect gifts ideas you can pick up online, in-store or even make yourself at home!

  • Why Budgeting is Important

    By Leeds Credit Union

    In this post, we explore the reasons why budgeting is important for your bank account and your peace of mind and provide useful budgeting advice.

  • How to Cut Bill Costs this Summer

    By Leeds Credit Union

    This guide explains how to cut bill costs this summer. Find out how better weather can be used to your advantage to help you save.

  • VE Day Isolation Celebration Ideas

    By Leeds Credit Union

    This Friday 8th May marks VE Day, where we celebrate the 75th anniversary of the end of fighting in Europe during World War 2 and it also happens to be the May Bank Holiday - making it the perfect day for a household celebration. There are plenty of things you can do during lockdown to celebrate; a picnic in the garden, indulge in afternoon tea or simply decorating the house with flags and bunting. Keep reading for food, decor and activity ideas for this very special lockdown VE Day celebration!

  • The Dangers of Doorstep Lenders and Loan Sharks

    By Leeds Credit Union

    Doorstep lenders, loan sharks and even ‘home credit providers’ as they are sometimes known, are infamous for their extortionate interest rates and exploitative selling tactics that can often leave vulnerable customers paying back large amounts, even for small loans.

  • Affordable and Easy Home Improvement Tips

    By Leeds Credit Union

    With many of us currently at home with a bit more time on our hands, it is the perfect chance to start looking at ways to improve our humble abode. So to point you in the right direction, we’ve put together a list of some of our tips and tricks for home improvement, when to do them and how to budget for them!

  • Avoid coronavirus scams

    By Leeds Credit Union

    Find out about potential coronavirus (Covid-19) scams, how they could affect you, and how to protect yourself. A major event like Coronavirus can initiate new types of scam activity. You may have already seen reports of fraudulent activity around the sale of face masks and hand sanitiser.

  • Ten easy and free ways to improve your credit score

    By Leeds Credit Union

    Your credit score is an assessment by a particular lender of how much of a credit risk you are. Credit scores are used by banks and lenders to determine whether they will lend to you and at what interest rate. Here are ten top tips to improve your credit score

  • Top Stay at Home Activities to do with the Kids

    By Leeds Credit Union

    Many of us are now spending more time at home, and for those of us with children finding ways to keep them entertained is essential. To help, we’ve compiled a list of fun and educational activities that you can do with the kids to keep their minds active!

  • Half Term Plans

    By Leeds Credit Union

    Our top tips to keep the kids happy this half term

  • Valentine’s Day: 5 Simple and Affordable Date Ideas

    By Leeds Credit Union

    Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and it is more expensive than ever to visit a fancy restaurant, buy a gift or even visit the florist. Here at Leeds Credit Union, we don’t believe you can put a price on love, so we have put together a list of Valentine’s Day ideas that won’t break the bank…

  • Five Christmas Gift Ideas for Her

    By Leeds Credit Union

    Christmas is fast approaching and now is the perfect time to start planning what to get the women in your life. But there’s no need to panic, Leeds Credit Union have got you covered - we have compiled a list of popular gifts you can pick up for under £30…

  • What a  Difference a Year Makes

    By Leeds Credit Union Member

    This time last year I was feeling a bit sick. Fulfilling my daughter’s Christmas wish list seemed like a very expensive, impossible task.The feeling of dread started creeping up on me in late September. During October I tried to squirrel away spare pennies but by November the fund was looking bleak and I was feeling a bit like Tiny Tim. In the final hour I managed to out source the big requests to generous grandparents. Christmas was delivered on a shoe string

  • Five Christmas Gifts Ideas for Him

    By Leeds Credit Union

    Christmas will be here before you know it, so it’s the perfect time to get a gift for the men in your life. Don’t waste your time worrying about what to get them, we have compiled a list of some of the best gifts for men this festive season…

  • Five Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids

    By Leeds Credit Union

    With Christmas just around the corner, now’s the time to start planning. The shops are already playing Christmas music and gifts are flying off the shelves. It can be difficult to figure out exactly what to get your loved ones, so we have compiled a list of gifts that your kids will love for under £25…

  • Bonfire Night Ideas that wont cost a rocket

    By Leeds Credit Union

    Autumn is here, and Bonfire Night is just around the corner. Buying your own fireworks can be an expensive way of seeing your money going up in smoke, so Leeds Credit Union has looked into some of the best public displays across the region…

  • Top tips of managing back to school costs

    By Leeds Credit Union

    A recent study from research group Mintel has calculated the cost of sending a child back to school - with parents spending an average of £134 on uniform and shoes alone. 1 in 6 families even go without essentials to cover Back to School bills.

  • Yorkshire Day 10 Top Facts


    To celebrate Yorkshire Day 2019 we have compiled 10 brilliant facts about God’s Own Country. Av’ a gander at these and see what you think!

  • Family Holiday Destinations

    By Leeds Credit Union

    Summer is here and school is nearly finished so it’s the perfect chance to spend some quality time with your family in a sunny destination! Here at Leeds Credit Union, we have picked out some of the best destinations for families to enjoy the warmer months…

  • How to be Frugal & Festive!

    By Leeds Credit Union

    Christmas can be such an expensive time of year with the average Christmas now costing £821.25 per household.